Reasons to Golf This Fall: Stunning Fall Foliage on Display

Fall Golf in Kelowna Offers Stunning Photo Opportunities
Perfect weather and quieter courses are amazing benefits of fall golf, but what makes it so special is the stunning landscapes that change before our eyes as nature prepares for winter. Kelowna’s gorgeous landscape is on full display across the many Golf Kelowna courses during the fall. You can enjoy a relaxing round while appreciating the changing leaves on trees and colours of the season. Fall at Golf Kelowna courses provides a unique window of opportunity to see the beauty of nature unfold.

Fall Golf in Kelowna:

  • Provides a look at world class golf courses during the most beautiful time of year.
  • Places you in nature amongst the emerging local species that favour the cooler temperatures.
  • Gives you a rare look at the changing landscape as it prepares for winter.

To take in the most beautiful scenery of the season and enjoy golf, wildlife, and nature, book your trip to Kelowna this fall!

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Come see for yourself.