Featured Golf Kelowna Hole – Hole #18 at Sunset Ranch

Hole #18 at Sunset Ranch

Hole 18 at Sunset Ranch is the final hole of “The Sunset Finish”, a tricky set of 3 finishing holes that can make or break a round. This 505-yard par 5 hole that offers a thrilling challenge which rewards strategic decision-making and precision shots. With a unique combination of natural hazards and strategic options, Hole 18 at Sunset Ranch truly embodies the essence of risk and reward.

The Opening Shot

Aptly setting the stage for the conclusion of an exhilarating round, the opening tee shot on Hole 18 demands both accuracy and courage. Golfers must negotiate a water hazard, adding an extra layer of challenge and anticipation to the experience. The stunning beauty of the surrounding landscape, including the glistening waters of Anderson Lake, inspires golfers as they make their initial play. For those who are not confident in their long-hitting abilities, a fairway wood is a prudent choice to ensure a safe landing just before the water hazard.

Strategic Decision-Making

One of the most alluring aspects of Hole Number 18 at Sunset Ranch is the opportunity for risk and reward. While reaching the green in two shots is possible, it requires a calculated approach that considers the potential hazards. For players confident in their power and accuracy, taking the aggressive line towards the green can lead to an unforgettable eagle opportunity. However, a tempting water hazard, Scotty Creek, runs in front of the green, guarding it and demanding careful navigation. An errant shot can quickly turn a promising score into a disappointing one.

For those who prefer a more conservative approach or lack the power to reach the green in two, laying up becomes the wisest strategy. By staying to the left side of the fairway on the second shot, players position themselves with the optimal angle towards the flag. This allows for a better chance at securing a birdie, avoiding unnecessary risks, and maintaining a strong finish to their round.

Natural Beauty Surrounding the Hole

Beyond the strategic elements of Hole Number 18, the natural beauty that envelops the course enhances the overall golfing experience. As the sun casts its warm hues across the landscape, the serene atmosphere of Sunset Ranch harmonizes with the golfer’s journey. The sight of Scotty Creek, meandering gracefully in front of the green, presents a visual spectacle that adds to the hole’s allure. With each swing, players are immersed in the breathtaking scenery, creating an unforgettable golfing memory.

Hole #18 – 505 yards Par 5 (Right Fairway Pictured Below)

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