Featured Golf Kelowna Hole – Hole #5 at The Pinnacle Course at Gallagher’s Canyon

Hole #5 at The Pinnacle Course at Gallagher’s Canyon

Measuring in at a 1,984-yard par-32, the Pinnacle Course proves that length isn’t everything in the world of golf. Despite its shorter yardage, this course presents a series of thoughtfully designed challenges that require careful strategy and skillful execution. Hole 5, a 113 yard par 3, epitomizes the short yet challenging nature of the Pinnacle Course as you are presented a narrow green with water in-front ready to collect any poorly struck golf balls.

A Nerve-Wracking Tee Shot

As you approach the tee on Hole 5, you’ll feel a mix of excitement and nerves. This hole is known for making golfers a little anxious because of the narrow green and water hazard right in front of it. It takes precise distance control to land a shot on this green, as well as mental toughness to block out the hazard.

The Quest for a Hole-in-One

Although hole 5 is tricky due to the demand for distance control, it offers a great chance for a hole in one. At just 113 yards, a well-executed wedge shot has the potential to pitch a few feet past the hole and spin back for the coveted hole in one. However, pin-seeking on this hole can lead to regrettable results as there is only a few yards difference between a shot on the green, and one coming up short in the hazard. Taking the extra club on this hole and relying on your short game is the best way to avoid anything worse than bogey.

While clearing the water is the most important task on hole 5, a shot past the green leaves a difficult chip from the backstop. Soft hands are needed to get this up and down, as everything slopes away from the backstop towards the water hazard in front. Still, a difficult chip is better than having to re-tee.

Hole #5 – 113 yards Par 3

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