5 Tips for Cool Weather Golf

Fall Golf In Kelowna

There may be a breeze in the air, but for many of us there’s still lots of golf to play before winter hits Kelowna. It’s a good time of year to focus on keeping your swing in shape, and worth noting you’ll have a leg up on the more seasonal and fair weather golfers come spring. There’s also the opportunity right now to take advantage of lower rates, and it might be easier to get a tee time for yourself or your foursome. Keep in mind, preparation is everything when it comes to enjoying some great cool weather rounds!

1. Dress For Success 

Staying warm will not only keep you comfortable, but can have a positive impact on your ball striking, and ultimately your score. Dressing in layers is a great way to go, so pull out that long sleeve, turtleneck, and a hoody or sweatshirt. Rain pants work well to combat not just the wet but also the wind especially in the cold. It’s worth having a pair of mittens or gloves on hand as well, and maybe some hand warmers for your pockets. You can also bring a toque as you may want to swap out your baseball hat for some of the more brisk days this season. 

2. An Extra Club 

The ball won’t be traveling as far because of the cool air. Keeping this in mind ahead of time will help when it comes to yardages and club selection. It’s a good idea to take out an extra half to full club compared to what you’d usually hit during the summer. Don’t worry, your distance will come back when the warm weather does, for now you can focus on accuracy, and working on all aspects of your short and long game.

3. Walk

Going out for a round on foot is not only a great way to keep warm, it’s also good for your blood flow, and will help keep your muscles relaxed and ready for hitting your best shots. In addition, it’s great exercise and a chance to spend some time outdoors, especially at a time of year where we may not get outside as much. As long as the course is open, winter can be just as good a time to hit the links and enjoy some beautiful scenery.

4. Hydrate

When it’s brisk it can be easy to forget to hydrate the same way we would in the heat, but you’ll likely have a better game if you’re prepared and bring some water along. Also keep in mind alcohol and caffeine are not only dehydrating, but can lower your core body temperature, so you may want to limit or avoid these drinks while you’re out for some golf this winter. 

5. Club Storage 

It’s best to avoid storing your clubs in the car overnight, not only because of theft, but it can also be detrimental to your grips and shafts. Golf balls also shouldn’t be stored in the cold for optimal performance. Take care of your clubs, and they’ll take care of you when it comes to scoring well!

If your season is done for for 2022, we at Golf Kelowna thank for your support. See you in 2023!

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